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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What to do with left over fabric...

I had a good amount of left over fabric after completing my first project.  Due to my lack of pattern placement skills I was left with just two usable scraps of the fabulous lace fabric, just under a yard in total.  I had already been thinking of making a semi-sheer beach cover-up, which doesn't require much fabric anyway, so it was perfect.

I didn't have a pattern that fit exactly what I was thinking of, so I traced a short tank-dress I already owned onto the fabric instead.  A French curve was perfect for connecting the dots when I wasn't able to trace the dress perfectly around the arm and neck area.  I knew the tank-dress fit me well so I skipped making a muslin and cut right into my remaining lace.  The length is perfect for a beach cover-up, but it would be way too short to wear out in public otherwise without shorts or leggings underneath.    

On the inside view you can see I used a French seam finish.  The French seam was another first for me - I am a beginner - and I just love how clean it looks.  I made sure to press the French seams toward the back of the dress before I finished the edges with bias tape.  
Here's a little preview of how it will look on the beach.  I can imagine it now, wearing it on vacation in the sun and sand, which is long long overdue.  I can't wait to break it out.   

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