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Thursday, July 7, 2011

What Should I Make Next?

This is the first time I've hit a bit of a sewing roadblock.  I've finished my shorts, but I don't have anything lined up that I've been planning to make.  I need some help.  I've got a ton of gorgeous fabrics stashed away and more patterns than I could use in an entire year, but no one project that I'm dying to make - or maybe too many that I would like to make.  

Out of my fabric stash, I want to work with one of three fabrics next.  The first is a gorgeous light weight silk pattern.  

 The other two fabrics are both stretch knits.  The first of the stretch knits is a light salmon color and the second is a deep purple.  Out of the three, which do I work with first?  And, what do I make?  My general thoughts are:  a maxi dress with a v-neck line, a strapless maxi dress, a strapless dress like the one I made here, a long skirt, or a romper.  I've scoped out a few examples of what I envision for the final product. 

Diane Von Furstenberg Maxi Wrap Dress
 This dress is very bohemian, I love it.  Plus, I have a pattern  that I think would definitely work.  

Strapless Long Dress by Parker

This dress would be a bit more free form - no pattern - but easily doable.  I wouldn't do the shirring all the way to the natural waist, I'd want to make it more of an empire waist line.  Although, I do have a dress like this already in my closet. 

Romper Pattern by Burda Style

I have a pattern for this and could do either a full pant, or make it into a romper with shorts instead.  

Strapless Maxi Dress by Splendid

This dress would work with the stretch knits, but not the silk.  It would be a bit of a challenge to do the top - also no pattern - but I'm up for it.  It's super cute.  

Torn by Ronny Kobo Maxi Dress

I have a pattern that fits this dress perfectly, so it would be nice to not have to completely alter a pattern for once and the look and fit of the dress is beautiful.

Too many choices!  Any thoughts on what I should make next?


  1. I love the silk for a v-neck maxi. For the stretch fabrics, I think the romper is killer! You could also check out for her really pretty romper style.

  2. Wow, I love all of them. I am sure which ever you ended up making will look just fabulous!

  3. Definatly the strapless maxi dress. I really look forward to your posts. Love to see the outcome of your projects. can't wait for the outcome of this one. x

  4. do all of them! but the romper first definitely! if it looks anywhere as good as your lace top it'll be gorgeous. xx

  5. What a fantastic blog this is. You are sooo good at sewing. I wish I could sew!

  6. I love the romper with the full pant idea!! But if you're up for the challenge...make the strapless maxi dress! I hope my sewing skills can reach yours one day!

    -Cherrie <3

  7. the strapeless maxi!I love your blog and I look forward seeing this dress.
    xx Tanja

  8. I love the first fabric, it looks alot like a helmut Lang maxi skirt I saw.. I think you should make a maxi skirt :)

  9. i really like the deep purple colour! i would love to see it made into some wide leg pants.. they are so big in australia right now!

    -fb X

  10. I should make a strapless maxi-dress of a v-neck lined short dress with the silk! Lovely blog girl!

    Please check out my first 5-day challenge @
    x Machteld