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Friday, June 3, 2011

In the works...

I have two projects planned that I'm super excited about.  First up a fun yet work-appropriate skirt -- necessity meets fashion.  My vision for the skirt was inspired by practically everything that came down the runway for Louis Vuitton in Fall 2010 and the amazing Dior Couture dress below.  

     Louis Vuitton Fall 2010 RTW                                Christian Dior Spring 2009 Couture 

I love that the hemlines are structured, but still have so much movement.  I'm hoping to accomplish a similar effect through the use of a little horsehair braid.  I haven't tried that technique before, but my fingers are crossed that it will turn out anything like these gorgeous hems. 

Butterick B5285 View B
Butterick B5285 View A

As far as shape and pattern go, I think one of these versions of Butterick Pattern B5285 will get the job done.  I'm also planning on making the skirt slightly shorter in the front than in the back; although, nothing as dramatic as the Dior dress.  Quite frankly, I probably couldn't even fit the Dior dress inside any of my NYC-sized closets no matter how hard I tried.  Something that beautiful shouldn't be in a closet anyway.

Last but not least, the fabric! On the right a bright and summery cotton shirting, which I will use as my external fashion fabric.  And, on the left a fun polka dot lining to peek out just so from the gently structured asymmetrical hem.  Initially I had other plans for this bright cotton shirting, but when I saw it next to the lining fabric I just couldn't resist this combination.  

Stay tuned for project #2...


  1. OMG, if you make one of this skirts I will buy one from you...I do mean it!

  2. @Mad For Fashion: I'm so excited to make this skirt. Practice makes perfect, check back in to see how the final product turns out. If you love it I would definitely make one for you.